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Optimizing Energy

Zeus provides multiple optimizers that tune different knobs either in the Deep Learning workload-side or the GPU-side.

Power limit optimizer

Finds the optimal GPU power limit for DNN training. Users can control what optimal means, including minimum energy, minimum energy given maximum training slowdown, and minimum cost (linear combination of time and energy).

Batch size optimizer

Finds the optimal DNN training batch size for training jobs that recur over time. This would be especially useful for production training jobs where the underlying dataset is constantly updated, and the model is periodically re-trained to keep it up-to-date.

Pipeline frequency optimizer

In large model training (e.g., pre-training Large Language Models), pipeline parallelism is almost essential today. The pipeline frequency optimizer plans the GPU SM frequency across time for an iteration of pipeline parallel training. It generates a set of frequency plans, including a plan that reduces energy the most, another that reduces energy with negligible slowdown, and plans in the middle.